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Here's how Stuart can help you make a difference!

Climate Comedy Set/Show

(30-60 mins)

"The funny side of climate change - yes, really!" - The Times 2023

  • If you're a CSR lead or Sustainability person and:

    • You need a unique, tailored and engaging way to recharge your climate comms...

    • You need an impactful and funny way to kick off or round up a climate-themed strategy day, conference or all-hands...

"What Comedians Don't Tell You About Resilience"

(45mins plus Q&A)

"Stu was absolutely brilliant and brought a fantastically upbeat (and much needed) energy to our firm’s Friday afternoon call. His perspectives on building resilience were really thoughtful and relevant for us all" - Polly Dean, HG Capital

  • If you're a CEO (especially incoming or temporary), and you need a way to show your people that you care deeply about them, that also shows you have a personality...

  • Or you're an HR lead, and you want to help your people take responsibility for cultivating their own resilience, so that they feel more empowered and confident...


Get in touch with Stuart to find out more!

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